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Finally got a chance to link in the Or gate as the original schematics showed, and that seemed to help alleviate the problems I was seeing, but another problem showed itself.  I’d seen something like this before, but tonight it was more apparent what the behavior is, if not the cause.  It seems like there’s some strange issue with my breadboard, causing the behavior of the circuit to change depending on whether I am physically touching the top of the surface of the board or not.  I tried grounding it, but that just made it stop working all together.  So, touch the surface, and it works, stop touching, it stops working.  Something’s definitely fishy, and I can’t really tell if I’ve wired something wrong or if I just need to replace the breadboard.  Will probably try something else soon, even if it’s just soldering the works together.

May 24, 2012 - Posted by | Electronics

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