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The L-Word. I Mean Space. The L-Space

It’s finally time to start actually putting the spaces together and making things fit.  Decided to start with the corners because they’re both the easiest and hardest spaces to do.  Easiest because they’re the deepest ones I’ve designed.  Hardest because of this:

Silly me, wanting to be all perfectionist, decided that Jail and Just Visiting are truly two independent spaces, which means they have to light up separately.  Since the jail is permanently orange, it’ll get a simple white LED with appropriate color graphics, but I still wanted the Just Visiting side to get a full RGB treatment.  Not because you can buy the property, but because it looks that much cooler if I can do color chase patterns around the board.  Anyway, this meant I had to figure out how to position that single LED so it could light up the full L shape without bleeding over into the In Jail square.

The result was a 45 degree angle piece that runs just along the JAIL text, below the floor of the Jail space itself.  A bit of electrical tape helped ensure that no excess light from the LED mounted there would sneak up into the other space.  After using quite a lot of plastic cement, things were finally ready for a test.  Again I have a video, and again it shows up much hotter and whiter in the video than it does in real life, but I think you can at least see that full space is getting lit, and Jail is staying nice and dark.

June 17, 2012 - Posted by | Construction

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