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Things have been a little slow of late, but finally making a tiny bit more progress.  Finally figured out an issue I was having with the LED driver chips, namely that I was running them on 5V source but giving them 3.3V signals.  That caused the serial communication to work sometimes, but not always.  After adjusting the source voltage down to the 3.3V rail, it started working properly with multiple chips.  Given that, I’ve ordered some PCBs to see how I can do on actually wiring everything up.  If this goes well, I’ll have to start looking at the actual board and control housings, and figure out how to connect them.  My initial plan was a simple Cat-5 connection, but I’ve started looking at some wireless communication stuff that’s intriguing.  It’d be quite nice to not have the controls tethered to the board itself, and would really free the thing up to be set up however works best.  Will keep looking into possibilities.

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